New Zealand: Queenstown

Breakfast in Wanaka

We woke as usual around eight but in deference to the fact that it was David's day off we tiptoed into the house for our breakfast and were careful not to make any noise.

At the breakfast table

When he did awake we were happy to join him for a second breakfast before heading into the i-site. There we booked David's ticket to Queenstown (there were only two seats with seatbelts in the camper so he had to take the bus) and we also booked our tickets for Milford Sound.

A quick trip to the supermarket and we headed off to Queenstown.

Drive to Queenstown

Perhaps due to scenery saturation or perhaps due to the fact that we were on a tight schedule (our goal was to get to Queenstown and park the camper in the Top 10 before David arrived on the bus) but we didn't find the drive as beautiful as other parts of the South Island.

Lake Wakatipu

It was beautiful with the vineyards and (on the approach to Queenstown itself ) the river valley where the River Anduin scences in the Lord of the Ring were filmed but it didn't impress us as much as other places had.

However the view out over Lake Wakatipu was equal to any other that we'd come across.


We found the Queenstown Top 10 (one of two - but this one is in walking distance from the centre) fairly easily despite our navigator getting distracted.

David trying on hats

Joel at the lakeshore

We booked in for two nights and set off to meet David who had arrived just as we left the camper. We spent the afternoon doing some shopping before going for a short walk down by the lake to take some photos.

Sated on tourism David brought us to an Argentian ice cream parlour that he'd visited before.

Joel with internet Cris with ice-cream

There we took full advantage of the both the ice cream and the free wireless internet before heading back to the camper for some supper and an early night.

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