Day 13: From St. Clair to Detroit

St Clair Harbour

Since we had a car for the day we decided to restock our dwindling food supplies in a local supermarket. This one turned out to be fairly well stocked with all that we needed so we ended up carting bag after bag of shopping to the boat!

Bridge opening

We had a relaxed lunch and then headed out. Since we had once again just missed the opening time for the bridge we decided to head over to the fuel dock and fill both the diesel and water tanks rather than having to wait until it opened. That turned out to be a mistake as from that moment on we had a bad taste from the fresh water supplies, not sure what the guy from the marina did but certainly left a bad taste in the mouth!

Setting Sail

Having replenished our supplies we headed out to the river and through the bridge. The trip down the river to Lake St. Clair passed very quickly as we were helped by the current, passing some interesting little towns on the way. Finally we reached the end of the channel and were able to raise the sails again.

Once in the lake we kept close to the shipping channel and headed across to Detroit and the Detroit River that would lead us to Lake Erie.

Sunset in Lake Clair

By the time we reached Detroit it was dark and we had our usual confusion with the lights, not helped by the sheer number of channel markers with their flashing green and red lights. However we did manage to navigate through the entrance and into the correct channel and at this point I went off watch. Before heading below to sleep I programmed the GPS with the waypoints of the three tricky sections of the river and then sank gratefully into my bunk.