Day 20: Buffalo and Niagara Falls

We woke early once again and immediately set to work packing and preparing the boat for the winter. Once the boatyard staff arrived we sat down with them to introduce ourselves and to do a brief run through of what was needed.

Once that was done we kept ourselves busy until the rented car arrived and then headed to a mall in order to pick up some stuff for the return journey to Illinois. Eating out in the food court seemed like such a luxury and we followed it by coffee in Borders while we browsed the audio section.

Once back at the boatyard we completed the list for pending work and sat down to discuss it with the staff, they seemed quite sure that they could handle all the jobs and left us feeling quite confident.

Since we had some time to spare we took the car up to Niagara Falls, which seemed like a fitting way to end the journey and the day.

Falls 1 Falls 2 Falls 3
Some photos of the falls

After our visit to see the falls we went for a late supper in a Hard Rock and headed back to Buffalo.