Day 6: North to Leland

Sunrise Checking the chart

Sunrise found us further north (near the entrance to the river Platte) with a slight breeze from directly behind us, we tried to take advantage of the breeze for a few hours but eventually gave up and spent the rest of the day under power.

We hadn't decided on a destination but the lack of wind made us decide to aim for Leland, a shallow harbour but closer than Traverse City and with the advantage that Traverse City would have meant an hour heading in the wrong direction!

Docked in Leland Shallow water

We found the eastern coastline much more interesting than the western (they had hills!) but did have an memorable experience as we were heading across a bay to get to our refuge for the night. Shoals with depths of 1 or 2 meters and some unbouyed rocks persuaded us to give the direct route a miss and to circle round the entrance of the bay and into Leland.

We were very pleased to have reached our first goal and to be in Michigan. Once we had tied up in the harbour without incident (despite the shallow depth) we adjusted our watches (there is an hour time difference between Wisconsin and Michigan) and headed into town. A nice place, very touristy but with three things that endeared it to us immediatly:

The port of Leland

Taking advantage of the supermarket we stocked up on some fresh food and had a lovely spaghetti supper with some not so lovely red wine before we passed out in our bunks!