Day 4: Fixing the Windvane

Map of Manitowoc Drill press and tools

We spoke to the people in the marina shop and they were able to recommend a guy with the tools to "adjust" the self steering and only about 20 minutes walk away. So we picked up the paddle and laptop (so as to show the photos with the angle).

The machine shop was amazing, I don't think I'd ever seen so many spanners (wrenches) of so many different sizes and shapes outside of a hardware store. After some careful measurements of the angle in the photos our friend Fitz concluded that a new hole at 16 degrees from the original would get the job done.

The Machine Shop

However he had some other jobs to do first so we had to wait around for a while which gave us the chance for a couple of photos!

USS Cole, Manitowoc

Could have gone to see the submarine that is Manitowoc's main attraction but we decided to enjoy a nearby park while we waited and then - once it was drilled and tapped - we headed off for lunch in town.

The afternoon was filled with "fiddling" around the boat, the self steering certainly seemed to be ok but we knew that we wouldn't be sure until we'd actually tested it.

Later that evening we were on the internet in the marina's common area (wireless network didn't reach down to the boat) when we noticed that one of the cinemas was within walking distance. So off to see Knocked Up we went, a perfect distraction from wondering how the following day's crossing was going to go.