Day 3: Sheboygan to Manitowoc

Spotting the leak Oil in the paint tray Leaving port

The mechanic was able to fit us in the morning and after contorting himself around the engine was able to see where the oil was coming from. He managed to tighten the seal that was leaking a little and gave us both, a paint tray to catch the drips and the advice to head for Manitowoc where he thought that we might find some-one with more experience in marine diesel engines.

We didn't need any further encouragement and headed north, straight into the wind... We did however get some nice sailing in and it was a lovely day so we were quite happy with ourselves when we came into Manitowoc that evening.

Checking the GPS

We were even happier when we saw that our friend Mike the mechanic had done a better job than he thought and we were no longer leaking oil. After some debate we decided to leave the engine one day more before heading across the lake, better safe than sorry after all and it would give us the chance to try and find someone to fix the self steering.

Moon over the lake

With that decision made and night closing in, we headed off to test the facilities. Another lovely marina, however the bathrooms had a tempermental lock that became the bane of our existance while we were there - every trip to the showers entailed ten to twenty minutes trying to get into the bathroom!