Day 2: A day in Sheboygan

Unfortunatly the following day did not start well (and I don't mean the fact that I was carded while buying beer and almost had to go back to the boat for my passport!) as we discovered we were leaking oil into the bilges. We got most of it into empty water bottles and then discovered some cloths that soak up oil but not water, that helped us get rid of the rest.

However the mechanic Mike in the marina was busy and wouldn't be able to fit us in until the following day and it was windy enough that we didn't feel like trying to get up to Manitowoc with a dodgy engine.

So we decided to take a walk around Sheboygan to see the sights and relax for a while.

Auditorium and Armory Boulder fountain Pool fountaiPool fountain
The sights: combined auditorium and armory and a couple of fountains.

We then returned to work on the boat for the day, especially concentrating on what might be wrong with the self steering. In the end, we deduced that it wasn't at the right angle - it was twisted to one side when it should have been straight, however there wasn't anyone in town who could fix this so we had to leave it.

Windvane turned to starboard Windvane straight fore and aft Windvane turned to port
In the leftmost picture the paddle should be turned to the left (starboard), instead it is almost straight fore and aft. In the middle photo it should be running fore and aft but is turned to port.

With that problem identified we went off to sleep, both of us with the feverent desire that the following day would be better.