Day 1: Milwaukee to Sheboygan

Motoring in the Sun

Our first day we decided to head up the coast a little, no point trying to do the whole trip in one day after all!

Trying out our raingear

During the morning we had a decent enough wind (although coming from exactly the wrong direction) and while beating our way up the coast we were able to test our wind vane self steering (it didn't work).

So we sailed by hand until we had lunch (just off Port Washington) and then gave up on the sails as the wind had died down and there was no way we were going to be able to make Sheboygan, let alone Manitowoc (further up the coast and where we planned to turn and cross Lake Michigan).

Smokestacks from the land

So we motored along in the sunshine, except for when it rained just long enough that we had the chance to try out our raingear!

One of the interesting parts of this day, was the fact that during the entire trip we were able to see the twin smokestacks that are beside the entrance of Sheboygan harbour. Both frustrating and rewarding, you never seem to get closer and then all of a sudden they start getting bigger and biggger by the minute.

Watching the sunset

In the end however we were tied up in Skipper Bud's marina watching the sunset, with a beer each to celebrate the start of our trip!