Day 8: South to Hammond Bay

First view of the bridge

When I woke up it was still dark with the lights of the towns on the shore shining out brightly. As well as the shore lights we could pick out two freighters coming along behind us but at a considerable distance. However the lights of the channel were not yet visible although according to the GPS and chart we were a bare three miles away.

Bridge rises from the mist

A few minutes later we made out the first green and red lights that would guide us to the bridge and then the next pair and the next came stumbling out of the night.

However after a short while we became confused by a series of red lights that we could see ahead, or rather we were worried by the fact that we couldn't find the corresponding green bouys. Luckily the dawn was breaking and soon it was light enough to distinguish the water from the sky and to see that these "channel markers" were the street lights on the bridge!

Motoring under the bridge

Passing under the bridge was another important milestone for us, first we had left our starting state and now we had left Lake Michigan!

Reflection in the lake

The wind didn't see to share our enthusiasm and the lake was so flat you could see yourself in it!

Our original target for the day was the port of Cheboygan but we decided to press on until the next port Hammonds Bay State Harbour, and after a VHF call to the park ranger Fred meant we were sorted out and we tied up in time for a late lunch in an almost deserted harbour.

Hammond Bay Harbour Hammond Bay signage

Once docked we quickly took advantage of the showers (the cleanest we were to find in the whole trip) and decided to spend the afternoon "fiddling" around the boat.

Night fell remarkably quickly and we decided to forgore the Independance Day fireworks for the comfort of our berths and difted off to sleep content in the knowledge that we completed the first stage of our journey!