Day 19: Arriving in Buffalo

Arriving in Buffalo

Our final day of travelling dawned bright and clear, thankfully the wind continued to come from the east so our headsail was able to keep us moving at a reasonable speed.

Even so the last few hours approaching Buffalo seemed to draw out but once we reached the approaches to Buffalo the drawn out feeling was replaced by a sense of hectic activity. The entrance was crowded with sailboats, there seemed to be three different races going on with a morass of smaller boats around the river entrance.

Marina Residents

We dodged around them as best as we could and started down the river looking for our destination. One false stop later and we tied up for the last time. The boatyard was deserted except for some wildlife but once we had showered etc. we sat down for lunch feeling very proud of ourselves. Coffee was accompanied by some chocolate cake to make the ocasion and then we set to work derigging the boat.