Day 17: Arriving in Erie harbour

Daybreak in Lake Erie

At daybreak we decided that we were perhaps a little further out than we needed to be and so jibed around and headed directly for Erie.

Presque Isle

As we got closer to Erie the wind died down considerably but there was still a fierce swell running so in order to reduce the risk of an accidental jibe we handsailed around Presque Isle until we were close enough that we had to put the engine on.

Entrance Channel

Passing through the channel into the bay seemed like a passage from one world to another, on the outside the waves were bumping us round but on the inside there was just calm water with the sun gleaming off the surface.

Inside Erie Harbour

Once within the marina we made our normal inquires (nearest internet access and marine hardware stores) and started an inventory of the work that would need to be done over the winter.

The afternoon passed rapidly and we were soon sinking into our berths, both thinking of the last stage of our journey.