Day 16: Leaving Cleveland

We had decided on a late start in order to give us time to do some work on the boat and I headed off to refill our propane tank. One of the guys who worked in the yacht club offered me a lift which was gratefully accepted. Later while I waited for the tank to be filled I was able to look at the anti-crack billboards and reflect that I was glad I didn't have to walk through this neighbourhood carrying a heavy propane tank!

Once back at the club we leak tested the tank and I purchased bottled water so we wouldn't have to use the disagreable water from the main tank. Once again at full capacity we set off.

Sunset on Lake Erie

The weather had calmed but the wind was still strong enough that we worried about over-shooting our destination. The wind was now easterly so we able to keep a nice course all day and have a relaxed series of night watches, broken only by a lovely sunset and sunrise.