Day 15: Cleveland

Arriving to Cleveland

The day dawned grey and wet so we decided to aim for the nearest port in order to recover from the previous three days. Unfortunately this turned out to be Cleveland so it meant that for the first time we had to retrace our course.

Since Cleveland was upwind from us we decided to motor. It seemed to be in keeping with our luck that the engine refused to start! I sailed on while the captian looked at the engine and by running a wire directly to the glow plugs he was able to get it started. By this point the rain was so thick we could barely see past the bow but thankfully it soon stopped.

We arrived in Cleveland shortly after breakfast and were delighted to be able to have a rest day on the boat (once we cleaned up the disorder created by the waves the previous night). Unfortunately the yacht club we stayed at had a problem with their internet access so we were unable to get online, however we did use a Blackberry to get pizza delivered to the boat!

Relaxed and refreshed by pizza and beer we were able to look forward to the following days without trepidation and reflect on the fact that not only had we reached Lake Erie but all going well we would make Buffalo in four more days.