The first version of, this table based design lasted six years before being replaced the current one (which uses pure CSS for formating). I spent alot of effort ensuring that it was valid XHTML Strict and CSS (in 2001 this was very common). The other non-visible part is the perl that generated the structure of the pages and the various navigation bars.

ISSOC 2001

This is the website for the U.C.C. International Students, which I no longer currently maintain. Unlike the rest of sites below this one has a fair amount of content and is worth a look - especially for those who did an erasmus in University College Cork. Of course much of the layout came straight from the first version but I like the design of this one much better and I spent hours getting the shading on the left and right bars the way I wanted it.

If you are interested in what the society is currently doing the web page is, and has been updated just recently with photos from last year!

ISSOC 2000

This was the first version of the U.C.C. International Students website. The site was originally setup by one of the Erasmus students but on his return to Norway I took it over and created this version. Many of the ideas that I came up with for this site I reused in the later version - although not (thankfully!) my feeble attempts at graphic design...

Homepage 1.0

Originally available at this was my first serious attempt at a homepage. The idea was to distribute the various pieces of software I had written in college (none of which have ever left beta) and that I still intend to finish Real Soon Now(tm). Features a nice header and layout but the Spanish translation came direct from babelfish.

CSSOC 1998

This was taken from a backup copy I came across recently and cleaned up the links on. Nothing interesting here but it was the first real page I wrote so it gets added here too! Anyone who knows where the Photo Album from that year went ?

The society itself is still going strong and it's website can be found at

Homepage 0.1

This page was rather short lived (it only lasted for the summer of 1997) but the geek test was fairly popular. Spot the Y2K error!