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If you're here you either know me or am wondering who I am.

For those who are wondering who I am, try the introduction or google to see what I'm involved in if the introduction doesn't help.

Update: 2009-02-14

Just posted some photos of the snow in Ireland.

Update: 2008-12-28

A triple update this time. Although the last is probably not very interesting.

I've uploaded some photos of our Atlantic crossing.

I've finished updating the Travel section with a journal of our trip to New Zealand. I've also added an new album in case you just want to see the photos.

The least interesting update is just to say that I've moved the photos onto the Amazon Simple Storage Service so as to reduce the amount of space I'm using on the webserver.

Update: 2008-04-13

Two updates today!

First of all, I've put the photos from our trip over Easter online.

Secondly, I finished some tools for the Bicing system over the weekend. You can use the Locations page to select a group of locations which are then shown on the Map with the nearby Bicing stations.

Update: 2007-11-10

Data Center I've been meaning to add a photo of one of our new server closets to the site for a while now but for one reason or another never got around to it.

I think the next step will be to send it to the In the Trenches guys for their Show Us Your Rack! segment - expect that to take another couple of months!

Driver I was finally prompted to add that photo by a photo I took this morning of a golden labrador (on my mobile phone so apologies if the photo isn't clear!).

I think we will all agree that the world is a strange and wonderful place!

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